It remained only twenty five days before the first exam and I am a bit devastated with huge amount of work. It’s easier to do everything when it looks like a bit. But this is not a justification still.

I called to the uni and it turned out I still need to go to Moscow to sign papers. (They evidently don’t ready to apply anyone foreign) Anyway I can do it for short time without a lot of distraction. The question is my portfolio, some more storyboards would be nice. But I’m sure it will be ok at least for the short course.


English has been well today as I spoke a bit better. The book “Mindset” helps a lot to stay calm and trainee. So what is to say else? Tomorrow morning I am to visit ophtalmologist again. We’ll see what happen.  I have a heap of work not done today and I hunch the evening will be nice.

This is the life when at weekend you have to take even more decisions than at weekdays.