Colourful shine of day and dreams.

The last visit to the ophtalmologist is done. And I’m really glad about it and about my good recovering. I was worried a bit about my condition because I had daily headache lately. But at the overrun corridors I made an impression of a cool girl with english homework and translator in hand. This is how I tryed to fence myself. The stir could bother anyone. Anyone so cowardice as me. My sight was checked and they directed me to the same study. There was the same woman who operated me. She hadn’t recognise me which relieved me a lot. But then she defined me by trembling. I was quiet calm (I presumed so) but my body still didn’t agree to be examined. What to say? My scattering and concentration do not matter. My eyes are OK.

At the town there are everywhere policemen like some parade or presidential arrival should happen (amendment: Prime minister). But the rest of the town shone with all possible colours and I am to thank the eye drop for this super effect.

gk 014

I had very colourful dreams this night. All about the end of the world. The first one was about the alien’s invasion and the total genocide of major people. We could see the bloody heaps of bodies and the gas cameras from their space ship (in deep chrome colour). We were seated there to be sent on the new peaceful planet. The second dream occured at the Earth where people immigrated outside to survive. Trolley buses did not ride at the deep dark streets. It had to be the big end for everything in that world.

Such dreams are results of the time in my own life and mixture of news at the main channels.


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