The sunny day with melted snow and many pigeons at the streets. The workers are at jobs and only old men are outdoors. Evidently it is spring with all it’s fresh air and light, with all it’s hope and expectations.

I completed the whole time table for the preparation. And now I’m distorting it with my lazy behavior and the reluctance to touch it all again. Rubbish rubbish. I must remember about free choice I make every day and the big choice for the expected future. It all remind me the school time when I had troubles with lessons. Now I know and understand much more to behave another way. There are still eight years between me and that time. In spite of flattering manner I thought so passing by my school.

The english lesson came fast. I wasn’t satisfied a lot with “Your speaking is quiet good today” though sometimes such phrases were vital. She looked enthusiastic as usual but when I asked some details she couldn’t answer me without checking out. There are some points to think about. I mean studying english with limited budget but huge desire. I should think how.

(I appointed the meet with Helen and it’s going to be good)


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