Moscow II Institute

Harsh distrustful eyes of the guardian and other service men. I was greeted much better than before there. My year old pictures made a good impression. I heard positive responses even not in my face. As for me, I felt pity about my pictures and me. It’s all a bit lie as I didn’t draw such way a year and I need to do a lot of preparation. The administrator was running between studies to show me to the different teachers. Immediately I became a break news. They criticised with actual abstraction of the thought but I could agree. I could press on them and get answers out of common words. They also asked me what have I done during this year  and didn’t I apply anywhere? What a silly joke.

At the break I could meet the assistants who looked at me as a competitor and hurried to know that we are to different departments. And I could see eyes filled with amazement, it was eyes of the girl from my college. We exchanged remarks. Her hesitation and not absolutely positive answer on question “Do they teach anything?” confused me. She looked good in yellow jamper with the termos in one hand.

Once all people went on business and I did to sign papers and pay. After doing this and getting the time table I easily worn and went out through (as usual) the film direction department.


Sun warmed everything with soft rays. No severe wind. During the way to the subway I couldn’t stop thinking that all of that hadn’t satisfied me. I’d be happy to know that there is a lot to study, to grow. But I felt and actually knew that they need skillful students. I don’t mean that I’m greatly skillful but their average level is near to the college’s second course. And another which distracked me was the attitude to academical painting and drawing. You know those are margin addition to the main work in this field and not crucial. Is it about cinema? I still can’t find the question. Strongly I was aware of not passionate desire to study there. But this is the most reasonable way. So I should get my concept of studying before it’ll begin.I should focus on portfolio and education in arts. Remember all big issues I got. The way of fighting with weak and students teachers isn’t the best and isn’t mine. 

Generally, that all was too easy to get satisfaction or some teaching experience and I did all I had already known.


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