Three spring days before the first exam.

Strange, but it remains only a few days before the exam and I don’t worry at all. I would say more I study less. As usual at the final track is much harder than the very beginning. I want to move forward right now. Study and create different things. As a result I can’t throw away my preparation, but waste a lot of time procrastinating and don’t actually do creative things.


So why do I not prefer to look at russian grammar and literature the last time for years? Essentially this is the great chance to remember the rules (I know them, don’t worry) and to brush up plots of literature. I will have a lot of time for walking and shooting at April, so I shouldn’t give up at the crucial moment. I did so quiet often and always had the same weak result. Remember the composition about symbols or water-coloured composition for graphics. It’s all visible.

So, no weakness, only stubborness and strengh. And I will be proud of myself as I’ll learn to overcome my soft spot. This is the point I should study, I mean staying on track in spite of unwillingness. There presume lots of stuggles which would be easier and better resolved with practice. Practice of persistance and self-organisation. I’m still the beginner at the organisation though know many clever phrases on this topic. What does really make me better organised is focus on the main points and the clear understanding of the reasons and the purposes. That is why I perhaps need to return to morning scribbling. I wrote in the notebook about different routine things which come to my mind instantly. It can be anything without limits or even grammar, style rules. Just stream of thoughts. This is another new point for April.


5 thoughts on “Three spring days before the first exam.”

      1. Yeah, I’m ok. Rooted myself into books and films, feels really nice, although there is a side effect: people gonna take offence that I don’t appear.

  1. I’m not sure it’a a side effect. Maybe it’s rather good sign. You have people to talk with and freedom to take a pause in connection. And nobody forgets about filtering people around. (I’m a bit illogical I know)

    1. I also have some illogical feelings like, some people are precious for me, but anyway I would prefer being alone. And those precious people see this as a sing that I don’t like them. That’s it, complicated as usual ))

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