Excitement of spring

This sunny day I read the whole summaries of poetry and wrote the practise test.

After the dinner I went to the art centre. My new white coat\jacket was so pure and fashionable that I caught some views. There was puddles, ice and dirt everywhere.

I found my picture quiet fast and the gentle woman offered me to look at the exhibition. It was kind of usual exibition for that centre. Landscapes, still lives and academic like portraits. Sometimes I ask myself how could these people allow such pictures to be hung. It all shown me funny picture that nothing has really changed since Pushkin’s times. Maybe it’s not so condemn to live on painting and drawing but the tendency of earning is still the same.

At home I called to Anohin and knew that it was still possible to take part. When the picture was packed and me ready again I went out. People at the trolley bus looked at my pocket with curiosity.


I felt lots of things. Mostly the desire to keep up, to come back and keep up. Even though, it won’t be paid or financially supported I can percieve the gravity and need of art. I can actually percieve some responce to my harsh studying years. Despite I dislike that picture and the massage it has so far. My cold view and cinical attitude to traditional arts warmth though I still don’t believe it’s a future. The sense of value of visual arts and absolute meaningless of factual exhibitions (kind of art centre’s) came to me. And the clear idea that you can achieve something (or anything) if you honestly involved into your work and have an active social position simultaneously.

I do not do immediate purchases and my idea to buy some albums was planned. Planned or not it enjoyed much to have new materials and fresh desire to dive in.


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