Two days after the last exam

After damn running workout and the dynamic music in the headphones, after talking and doing impressions at shower I am here at the calm evening room. And despite the textbook and notes which are waiting for being revised at the other room I am here.


How do theory’s students manage to put everything into their mind and be coherent? To six p.m. I had already been done. It’s my usual time for such activity as parodising, jumping, dancing, talking and talking. I found out the pleasure of little acting. I mean making jokes fannier, going out of the routine type of dialogs to more alive and flexible. And recently I make melodies to break silence or declare the poems for the exam. Actually reading paragraphs aloud to someone is the great way to keep up with the content and be active.

Anyway this day was kind of torture for me. I should come back to the table again and again to revise the summaries. Keep calm and stay studying!


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