Silence day.

My silence day comes as no exam is tomorrow and I must pinch myself to take the textbook and look inside with boring obedience. Nonetheless, the day is great. It’s so sun and fresh everywhere. The remains of snow are no more than the slight notification about yesterday’s winter. Water splashes and sparkle around the roads. There are no woman in a hat – hot crowdy space of buses.fecf862aeb48372345ec244ad7da7eab


I do strange and routine thing – uploading films on the tablet. There are so little space for Civilisation and no space for “Genius of photography”. Maybe it’s good and I’ll have an opportunity to stop to consume and create more. There is time for learning the ways and time for passing the ways. I should focus on drawing next month anyway.

What it will be like? I don’t know but have some ideas for activity.


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