Just the exam’s day

So, yesterday has gone as fast as any bumpy day.

I couldn’t sleep deeply after the sunrise and woke up every hour. It was just impossible to oversleep. The weather amazed and scared the cat with steady rain. I was glad to breath such damp air.

749eeacd82311016d86f6230641defbdThe whole morning I couldn’t throw away the little idea that it wouldn’t be lucky. I didn’t have my numbers at the bus ticket, I hit my head at the wardrobe, the number of cabinet and strangness of organisators. They were two large women, one had a remarkable make up, another didn’t have any make up but enough indifference in thinking of us. They tryed to scary me before the beginning.

But while I was checking the papers it turned out to be the usual questions and no more. “Crime and punishment”about the final Raskolnikov’s decision, influence of nature and reasons for Katherin’s suicide in The Storm. During the process of writing I enjoyed it all and could focus on the tasks. After the third check it was impossible to wait more. It all turned out to be easier than I thought.

But the way home I wasn’t so happy as after the russian exam. I still don’t know why. There is not great relief of stopping revision of all russian. Maybe I will feel something when I buy the little reward at the Bookbridge.

The rest of the day I spend going to the new town and back. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so angry of slow movement of the public transport. Then I bought the cake at the local shop and new tea. Mom hadn’t come long time and when come it was all routine. Then my Twelth Night didn’t turned on and we watched The Room.


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