That was the great Saturday. Joga exercises at the morning but tough back anyway. My way to the theatres led aside the wide road. I was going there, watching at buildings and speaking in english with myself. I like to do it at the hometown where streets are typically empty, but here an empty street is an indangered species. Streets had been three times washed when I reached the place.
Near by the theatre many people were wondering around or waiting for someone. I went in. There was a hall with typical goods, the wardrobe and nothing unusual. Theatre was a theatre. My place was the worst one – convertible seat at the second row. I was a bit cowardice to just go and sit at the amphitheatre but I did it. That was the best place at the hall. The play at all was ukranian, there were dance, songs and jokes. But I almost didn’t laugh. The story was simple story about love and power. The costumes were greatly composed, none has the same fashion.
Masha was happy to watch such play and remember her time at Odessa. We walked down the street and sit at the first russian McDonald’s. But even now I feel the harmful influence of that food. The conversation was good and informative. Strange how warm it all was.

f9bc4b2fa79ffa3466b6cbd3d74dd080 I could be late again but the teacher was late not me. The lesson of art history was a bit general but one student rose some big questions about art. Interesting, but I didn’t have such questions as I had already known all answers. After the lesson we talked a bit more about the skill to percieve beauty and furious speed of life. The difference between moscow people and me was so visible because of the colour of cloth. They prefered grey gamma, while I had blue sky at the jamper. Finally I had been bored with the questions of schoolish girls and went out.
The thing which I got by that lesson was the need of conscience preparaion to the interview. She said it presumed to be ninety random questions on european and russian art including cinema, theatre and architecture. I can see now the calm two months of study at Cheboksary.


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