To begin another week her

So what’s up today? Actually nothing remarkable, I just was tired by Moscow and this type of life. I was really sleepy the first part of the day while I did new storyboard. It was really uncomfortable to draw at A1 on the bed. But the drafts were done and I went out  early. My moods were pessimistic, I watched at the usual exterior and thought that I cannot love this town and I don’t see myself living here. People are really closed and rude – I am becoming the same. Even on study I passed without any enthusiasm but tiresome.


There was a lot of little people and chaos. Have I ever said that there is a massy order of things. Shelves for the canvas are without deviders, easels are too big for such small area, the stools are dirty as well as the floor. It wasn’t the first time when I enjoyed my going through other departments until art’s one. The real life is out of that department. We can observe cinematographers surrounded by the equepment frequently. No one at the art department at the deep evening but on directing and acting ones are always something happens. However there are many smokers whom I push away without any connection.
So I stopped at the messy workshop. The still life turned out to be ….. messy. It included too many unnesesary things which didn’t suited to each other by tone and colour. The teacher spoke in neglectful tone of the boss who rule the firm from the sofa with a cup of tea. And again common words. People painted in the same rush as subway has. To me personally it was hard. I didn’t feel much confident in my movements and couldn’t separate akin colours. I my gloomy closed mood made me not talkish and friendly. I heard their talks and didn’t want to join. I know I should move forward anyway, get the best from this course and be a desirable prospective student.
At the crowdy places I was nervous today and carried the bag in hand.


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