Another day at M

So, today after I got the important information, I have realized how harsh and cruel the entrance process should be this year.
I had great dreams by the treiler of the new film with Cumberbetch. It was full of magic and sense of drama. The quarrel between two girls, the confusion at the Oscar and shining water.
As exercises were done I dove into the storyboarding and was doing it before the very dinner. I begun the new one as the previous had been done but after some time my concentration flew away. I watched the new trailers and read the entry requirements. It was terrible to know that the commercial places were cut to two against five. And it returned me to the horror of forthcoming severe fight. I shouldn’t think about it much but take it into account to stay active. However it makes me feel like I really am to entry and I am really serious about it. Earlier I aproached to this like something predeteremined and natural but now I got that there is a lot to do by myself. It must push me on.


At the bookshop there were many album of graphic and illustration. For half of an hour or more I plundged into the magical world. And I must say that if Dore be contemprorary he would work at cinema. His little great pictures are films without the cameras or something else. I was inspired by the Shakespeare’s and other classical illustrations.
But it was drizzling and sky looked dark. I called mom but there was a little to say and we just talked about all kind of stuff. It’s two weeks before the train, it’s ten days I’ve been here.


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