Just evening

It is so easy to lose the magical spirit of the evening that I just must write it down.
After the hard day in front of the storyboard and near to the narrow-minded neighbour I run at the street. My intention was to walk without any obligations or purpose. But I have a point to watch at – the British ambassy at the embankment. My way led through the cute streets of Arbat. By the German ambassy there were many official cars with drivers and security. I imagined how wonderful it would be to see some politic. But I crossed the street and entered the shop I thought about every run. The official shop of “Krasny Octyabr” (“Красный Октябрь”) on the corner of the building looked as it was established many dacades ago. The woody covering, glassy chandelier and the strong smell of chocolate in the air. I choose a little one sweet which reminded me how dad bought such at the little nook of the local market. Yes, it was the same kind of chocolate.
Something changes at evenings. People are to go home and take it easy. Air is full of something hardly perceivable. This something lies in the building where Pushin read his poem or even lived, in the simple monument to Brodsky and Bunin. This lies in the neat pattern of lights which fills the roads and the trading streets as the space with the stars. The valley is empty as well as the roads by the embankment there I can practise any language the way I want. The big strange building that turned out to be the British ambassy was full of poetry quotations and modern windows. But no flag. Little streets beside the wide fussy road were absolutely empty and calm. But lights on the bridges and the City made the picture so fresh and marvellous that I couldn’t restrain my delight.
At the arbat street I called mom and talked with her before the very House of books. The life calm and useless passes on that street as a part of not working life. We spoke easily about different things. On the way to the hostel I found myself singing romantic songs which I as usual think up at once. The blue air of magic, the blue light of miracle. Just fresh air of spring all around.


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