Wednesday 20th. Moscow

The day was the typical one. And why? The first half of the day I sit in front of the big leaf and imagined the whole theme. There was nobody but sleeping neighbour and I could look out of the window as much as I wanted. That was the hardest piece of work – thinking up. But the farther process won’t be easy at all.
I was late a bit when I entered at the workshop. There were many girls with the white papers and many disordered things all around. I cleaned my place near by the window where it was thundering and raining. The labourant girl went and spoke many loud sticky words to attract our attention to her. Another ginger girl stayed silently ahead of me but was really enthusiastic with her girls. She declaired loudly about the teachers and something else while me and Nastya was talking quietly. She met her classmate here and went to the museum freely. Nastya said she wanted to enter there. So, this is quite common desire for any of us. But some are in zeal for achieving the goal while others take it easy. We laughed the whole way to the subway and in it. I acted all I wished to fake and she played that game with me easily. I mean we made impressions of some other persons and enjoyed it. I speak with people too haughty to say that I’m outgoing person. To improve the inner massage of my voice – strange purpose but a piece of communication life though.
During the lesson I couldn’t throw away the inner voices of Britvin and Fedoseev which kept me in shape on the contrary with the general smooth comments of that teacher. I evidently need much more practice even in drawing portraits. But I can’t say that my common enthusiasm about portraiting is huge it’s rather practical purpose. I would study drama more eagerly. It’s not a secret that the spirit of other departments draws me too.


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