Tuesday at Moscow

Actually, this is the last real day here.
I woke up late because of the yesterday headache and heaviness. But there was no shame about it. The weather was windy and grey, the playground where I do my exercises was surrounded by hurrying pupils and hurrying cars. Many big cars at the small roads of the old district.


I didn’t do the storyboard only because of the low spirit. To the midday I went out to walk to the Hermitage Garden. The Tverskoy avenue was wealthy decorated to the first may. People took photos and selfies around everything. Florish archs, grassy monuments of the couples, sporty sculptures and many little decorations. There would be some gardening fair. My way led through the same place we were with Mary. But I couldn’t make out how the roads are established that the other side was nearer than that. So I was going there with music and high spirit among the stirring street. Cars don’t like to give you a way but boldly ride forward. Though the streets, shops and little park are nice. You can pass forward with pleasure and contemplation. Yes, cars are there but the green zones are there too. As well as great old architecture all around the center. At the Garden there were beautiful theatre, neat grass, benches and big playground with the country like cafe. The monument to Dante and many places to seat and read. Everything is quiet gracious.
The whole walk I was considering about my attitude to this town. The point is that this is so alike the hometown (mentality, order of things etc) that I don’t feel much confusion by being not local. At some degree I even like this. There are many interesting places and people, many opportunities for realization. And the outlook became better than before.
I make the conclusion that my feeling like home is so wide and limitless because of the sense of home inside me. Not outside. However, I miss my privicy and physical place which I have at home.
Near by the misterous synagogue with the David’s star at the whole fence I bought the jogurt which ate at the bench. The view was the crossroads filled with furious cars. But it was so romantic and plain for me. The little rain and visit to the candyshop made me happy even more.
I finished to read Great Expectations and am going to begin Odyssey. Not well planned days are so idle – think ahead always.


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