All my Napoleon’s plans were crashed with the annual country work. (The bad language here). Half of yesterday I was there making some stupid rump. It was so irritating. Sometimes I just can’t understand how it’s possible to jump over the city culture to the rural routine. At the end of yesterday I looked forward the city life with plain roads, water and light.95f9469f87c59571dffa2f104996f2a1

Not only destroyed plans of preparation annoyed but the fact that the son of family’s friend went to Canada for study. Just another click to dive into study. That boy was a friend of mine sometime in primary school. But you know how strange it was to visit their eight rooms flat with nanny, maid and big aquarium though I always felt like home and had no confusion. Then he studied at the best local school (not well known school, but best) where my classmate studied too. Yep, educational ways are winding. We played at the same room but I was expelled from the gymnasium because of English and geometry. Such moment it is the best to remember that everyone has own way and it mustn’t look perfect. Though I still a bit regretful about the choice of school and my passivity in study. Typical fixed mindset.

So today I have to carry some more stuff at the country and find out answers on interview questions. And I’m nervious again. I don’t know how to cram everything into Sunday. I just hope my mom won’t have a garden to distrack me as her mom does. I asked her but the answer was vague. This all is so great kick to achieve goals and to climb on the desired mountain.


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