Green morning

Yesterday I wrote many words at the notebooks but the conclusion had not been made then. I mean the whole my sadness and slowness hadn’t gone to something. But this morning though it was late I went to run with the running playlist. You know that it is hardly possible to think about sad things while you are running especially with dynamic music. So did I. Despite the cold eastern wind the hope of sun and grass filled me inside. Sometimes I just forget about the delight of living and growing up. Writing it differently it is easy to lose the sense of delight. Most people I quess live having such pleasure lost yet.  Sun and green colour make things lighter, they help to think in joyful perspective way.

On the contrary, the time table and certain strict demands fight with the joy of growing. As usual. Let’s consider in a light way of development and pleasure of study. I need to take the trudging out and place the philosophy of maximum study (read pleasure). Let’s disclosure hidden ideas, facts and objects. Let’s smile again and be what I want whatever happens, however enviroment is. Let’s live the life of discovering and speaking out. Let’s find out, let’s open and show findings people.may 024


2 thoughts on “Green morning”

    1. No, you didn’t and I really happy to hear it. As for me it seems gloomy and monotone because of many repeats and scrolling. But thank you)

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