Another Saturday

When you know the order of things, answers on questions and even the tune you should have to convey the data whatever it is, it will become routine.

This happens with work which actually can’t be called interesting. Time went slow and I switched from one task to another without much discomfort. The new English textbook was punched so fast that I even couldn’t get the pleasure of creating something pretty for myself. Sometimes when I read some foreign news or articles at the laptop and someone dull went it is so strange. They can be harmless and obidient like sheeps or sharp and pretentious in the whole temptations to look powerful. When three gloomy faces of daughters and their mom looked at me with absolutely frown faces I couldn’t restrain from giggling. It was so ridiculous!

At the cafe I have already recognised the waiters. Alive life. There were sticky grandma with the grandchild whom she made notices all time and mom with daughter who discussed the choice of the university department. Many simple pointless faces without much care. But a few light eyes and a few clever phrases by medical students (I said them all the typical director’s phrase). The seller at the near shop has so vulgar make up which highlights her tiny cheeks and general castlepaste. Her dress usually has high shoulders and bright colours. She always turns on the Moscow road radio with many popular songs and narrow minded ideas. People live like that.

Generally, I’m very kind with people who have difficulties with conveying ideas or certain words. But sometimes the fact that we all think that people can read thoughts make me furry. This is why I became so snobbish in asking all possible questions, repeating after them and looking at the face. Though we all speak in the same language but have difficulties with understanding.

It is true that most of people are alike, they wear, speak and take photo in the same way. I quess that basically they take decisions by some without ideas not their own. I write evident thinks but this is what I observe. And I have question about the roots of the decisions they made and especially ideas they take. How do they recognise their things and how they accept anything? This is what I usually consider about.

But at home I got the new album of lute songs and enjoyed it greatly.


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