About social networks

It’s a bright morning with the lute music at the room and green air outside.

Since I uninstalled all social networks’ apps at the cellphone I have become much more concentrated and focused. It is such a relief to know that there is no chance to refresh quiet relevant instagram newsfeed. You can be exactly at the moment among certain enviroment and people, but be sure you do not miss something important. After a week of this customazing I’ve got the idea of absolute pointlessness of daily refreshing the feed and waiting for someone’s posts. And at the issue you do not get something valuable. It isn’t professional journalist’s articles or great photos of artists.115dd9f9d04d54c6b9ec5134cdb18c8d

Some so called friends aren’t have the life which could help you to do something or be glad for them. And frankly people are not so interested in other people’s life otherwise we would call and meet with one another more frequent. I mean that if it matters something for us we would act in that direction. We would orginise meetings and dinners, go for a walk or something else. Let’s be honest – following someone at Instagram, Facebook or other it’s not being involved in someone’s life. While we read and watch at dinner\party\haul of famous persons we are not near by them. We don’t buy the same things and walk at the same streets\parks. It does not become our own life, but it rather deprives the chance to live really, get one’s own way, follow it, meet friends, love, feel delight etc.

However, I can see the great setup of net and cellphone particularly in news. I can read the  articles of the real journalists who write for The Gardian or The New York Times about happenings in the world. And of course I can be in touch with the artistic world through the magazines. This assess to different points of view make the world worthier for me.

At the end of this epic post I must say that in spite of all written the internet is still the good place for promotion. This is the thing which make me consider about using it pragmatically.


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