The energy level is a strange substance which varies day by day differently. But the constant think is that the late morning means slowness and missing the best creativity hours. The mood of dreams and quietness takes me the freedom for new ideas and flexibity for adapting old for new. It’s easy to forget that the good condition and high spirit is the result of actions and limitations which isn’t allowed to give up. I often forget this and scroll the Youtube feed (how clever it is!).

4bab2d6c295a65f9ac55e4bfcfde4dbaI can proof that our senses depends on our behaviour as after the moment you decided to be active, smart and creative the tones of necessary power had descended on you. I write such pretentios and boring things as I’ve got that I can do something properly until I record the whole fervol somewhere. Yesterday I wrote about social networks and as a result I refreshed it not so seldom as necessary.

The other point is the inner (not motivation) mindfulness and vivacity. The best rule which I can fetch by this is not dispelling on doubts, fears, endless reflections, but focus on the content, ideas and the actual realisation.

I have just written such nice words but this morning was noticably pointless. I read the unit at the textbook but didn’t learn everything, downloaded some other testbooks which is the treat of me. I scare to have the wrong\not full\elementary material and chase for something more difficult instead of real study. This is the main reason of my delay in history preparation. I’m between a few textbook all of which are not perfect. This so called problem is so silly that I’m going to resolve it right now.


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