Lots of theory

f2185c1c98d3b27bf9d10f84782734a3It is so easy to forget the habit of writing everyday. The truth is that I am doing study the history of art the second day (I mean the whole day). And it was really strange to stay at home with a heap of gothic churches today. After four hours of really hard learning I’d got the horrible truth – I’d read only ten pages. Can you believe this? I cannot. Evidently, only sitting, reading and summing up don’t work for me. I need to collaborate, to move the body. The day I was reading the paragraph to mom was more useful though I’d got headache. Speaking and explaining the ideas and facts aloud is good for understanding. The other way I did (or maybe not) someday is to read walking. But the problem of writing emerges. Yep, dilemma. The week is going to end tomorrow but I am only beginning the Renessance.

On this background my desire to paint increases like prices  the amount of green outdoor. But I feel that I need to study and do my best right now without silly justifications like “Nobody will ask me this at the exam”. I do remember that everything I practice is for my own awareness, skillfulness and ability to work with information.

During the brake at the trade center I observed and noticed people. I’d never felt myself so strange before but it was interesting. I had not tryed to focus on people instead of clothes at the shops ever. I made an impression of looking for something but looked actually on the way salers mix and people choose. The electronic shop was terrifying because of the TV walls which reminded me the Bradbury’s novel. The salers were bored and tired. Some watched the series. I would suggest anyone to change the location for brainstorming and inspiration. At least it is really helpful for me.


1 thought on “Lots of theory”

  1. And there are people who work among those TV walls… No wonder they seem shallow (well, not only work does this, of course, but partially it is working environment, too)

    By the way, I used to walk to and fro when I was learning to state exams – I thought noone else would do this). So, move!)

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