I’m wondering why didn’t I overcame the ignorance in the history of art before. It’s not so hard to read the book, make notes and watch at the artworks. But the understanding is better. And I found out that feel like any time in history. It seems to me only like now, endless now which came to this moment. There are no past and no future but the flow from one condition to another, from one mood to another.

5a11222b7d3d0223ac88cb6cf569d779As for me, I feel many sounds in my mind including crappy music for running, american series which I turn on to make noises while I paint. This all make me mentally weak. As Posner said it is always the point of choice. I just need to change the content of this noise or avoid it completely. Moreover, it is easy now.

It is the point of choice every time. I began the still life and I’m still behind the schedule for the interview. But I am sitting here and writing these lines. How do students overcome the attraction of the spring? Art student can just go out and draw or paint the studies.

Yesterday I went to the Artists’ Union for sketches they organised. I was late and when our teacher went out of the back door I had no suspicious. But inside there was the only one opened room and it was filled with the local artists including our composition teacher. They had the celebrating table and joyful spirit. This is why I tried to slip as fast as I could. Nonetheless, it was a pretty walk back through  the bay. People were walking and talking and I realised how little I am out of four walls. Unexpectedly I met the girls who was my friend at school time. She was really tall and accurately dressed, I admired her outlook in distance and couldn’t figure out how she managed to bear three children.  But when we talked, her manners were so common and ignorant that my sense of harmony had just been cracked.

Live isn’t antique statues or architecture, people often fake themselves.


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