No routine

You know, schedule does not work if you actually have no intention to do things. Typical me. I easily forget about everything important because of momentary stuff. I should leave the way of pressing on myself with the agenda and different “have to”. Yesterday was a free day with many hours for the rest but I found out it fun to finish to learn the history. And I had done that inspite of Sunday and sun. I’m free to do or not to do as well as free to choose between a few consequences.

2e9f556b384d1c218c64d474d5d0ea08Of course, I haven’t become satisfied with couple of things like the surrounding, quality of English study, ability to play tennis and meet with incredible people. I’m not satisfied though I’ve got that the struggle with little tiny irritations during the day is the energy consumer. Small things inundate the life if we don’t have own direction to go on. Basically this all is routine lifestyle. Even tv films are not above this. Art is above, particularly the filtered with time and place one, which survived social wobble. Without culture and art everything seems to have one moment and no more.

It’s hard to find a proper metaphor for this idea. Time goes like sand on the cold beach, but changes happen by strange anomaly movements which modify the direction and stand long time though sand still moves. If I knew molecular biology perhaps I could describe it more clear. The Tolstoy’s picture of the round covered with water drops which always in action is more proper.

I found out myself trying to leave the routine, dusty lifestyle and think globally about lifetime. It makes days brighter.


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