Run-up and work.

It’s not so hot and sunny today this is why people have worn jackets and boots instead of t-shirts and sandals. Mom was late but nonetheless came back home to wear warmer clothe.

I did the storyboard in a very interesting procrastinator way. I had been researching the outlook of crocodile and estimated zoo. Some moment I redid half of the stills to more expressive ones and could really plunge into work. There is no way to do something good or to do at all but be honest with your interest. I think so.

27e21d3f63ef5454b8ffc22aa98b7f25The second part of the day was eaten by the work which happened because of mom’s reconstruction at the country house. I found out it especially boring and ridiculous to sort out the blur photos of the old man or to correct someone’s word file for free. I still have some interest in people’s nature but in the observation way I can forget to break a check or count the sum correctly.

Another point I’ve got is that this type of business is not perspective by nature. We can work hard day and night but the profits won’t rise (regarding the effort). And the reason is the natural limit of growth. I mean that the present strategy (in choice of goods and service as well as place) make it hard to develop (yep, I’ve got the difference between little business and start-up). To get really good profits it’s necessary to change inner quality of product (goods and service) for making it competitive and desired by other kind of people.

Wow, I wrote amazingly many words on one little idea (but could more). When such moments of my practical thinking happen in front of my creative friends I feel a bit awkward. It’s strange to see that ideas of extra creative people are often very unpromising in all ways but personal.


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