Yesterday was a slow day of self-pitiness and freeze. At the morning I walked along the storyboard and couldn’t finish it instantly. Streets were sunny and crowdy. Because of some reason the area around the McDonald’s was full of pupils and adults. I didn’t take any meal there but was sitting at the second floor with the notebook. It always interesting to observe people at public place.

54e5c543b96d07fceca4b7cf185464c4On the cross I met the boyfriend of Nastya H. and complained him about her silence. He said me that she worked full time on making up photos and had learned to do it like a machine. Yes, someone works, someone walks. It happens to be hard to sit at home the whole day and I can rebel and go away.

Yesterday it was a crisis of defective lifestyle. Quiet typical for me now. Though I nurture excitement and delight by the daily study routine.

In a week I have the last state exams (which actually have little impact) and the entry exams in a month. So let it be.


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