Meet with Masha

That was the evening of Sunday, I finished my shopping day at the cosmetic store and thought to go home but then changed my mind. I went to the art store to buy the dissolvent and keep safe during painting. Moreover, I’d unexpectedly got the talk and some laugh.

That was Masha who worked as a seller. She was quiet and small while serving the other buyer. As previously it was the brown jamper with a collar and rus messy hair. I presumed her not working there long time but it turned out to be almost half of the year. The greeting was fun and strange. I asked her the needs and she raised my discount. As for me I was a bit awkward and reckoned to have a small polite talk, no more. But after recounting our girls and laughing about the Nastya’s job as an account we went to the point of future.

6c18c2cb5e68a314ed9534b0551e6cc5She wasn’t very enthusiastic speaking about the preparation for the family wedding and the trip plan (Greece). While she talked about the desire’s absence she terribly reminded me Lena. “I don’t have a desire to repeat all that study stuff again and six years long”. Bounce! She told about poligraphy institutes in St.Petersbourg and Moscow and I’d got her full discouragement. The description of Cheboksary life was like an interesting and well-rounded one. And I kept silence as my own perception of this town is about absolute province with advantages and drawbacks. There is no international connection. Also we discussed such little things like different types of buyers and mathematical challeges for artsy minds.

During that meet I personally felt a great inspiration and delight of talking. This is why I spoke so much and more emotionally than usual. And the other point was the comparison with her passivity and boredom. I just felt that I have some desire to move and do. And I have so much to say. I hope Masha got some inspiration from me too.

But basically I can see how people are fading away in the routine and dust of life. The free flight with social obligations grounds them.


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