Very Verbally

So, yep. The first part of the most harsh exam came out.

The morning was calm and steady. I had a breakfast and coffee then have some time for myself and watched the video at Youtube. And understood that it’s not the community which I want to be a part of. This is why I spend much less time there.

1ffd87d784b176cf513e8e8203d23633The school of the exam was at the poor district this is why I had to arrive from the bus stop by the market. There is a lot of common women in grey clothes and with face expression of a peasant. However, I didn’t matter and went to the school. It seemed like no one was there, I stepped to the doors and found out them locked. Strange. However the back doors were transparent and opened.

This time it wasn’t so strict as the first two. The windows of the room looked on the stadium where the woman on the white bicycle had been driving cicles all the time of waiting. The two restless women didn’t know properly the process and we all had seen the scenes of their confusion and uncertainty. This pointed me out that I had already forgotten how it happened in the school life, how chaotic and unhuman this all is. The unlocking toilets, scarce equipment (without any comparison with time of my study, then it was more scarce but not so necessary) and the name of childen even for full aged audience.

However, the examine itself was really fast and boring. I felt nervious and the voice was trembling, my reading and questioning were fast. Answers weren’t great or normal, that was my stressful version of English. Maybe it’s ok for the state exam. I don’t worry or even matter, I am still learning things.


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