And it’s Sunday

It’s a pleasant windy morning with strokes of light at the leaves and roofs. Everything is so calm and quiet. Mom went to the garden to do some regular service. I was trying to focus on the English textbook but after half of the hour got that I need to express myself.

Let’s feel excited and followed by dreams, let’s be one you want to be. Let’s be honest with yourself and remember to act. And it’s easy to act while you are excited, then you are on the track and love it’s play. My yesterday burst of emotions was no more than a sign of a pit. It’s normal to feel like that but I will do better by overcoming this condition. This is no more than a period of time which I can use or waste. I prefer to use and get a result personal and practical. Let’s challenge yourself and follow the dream with fully came true agenda. Life is too short and cruel to waste it on anger and self-pitiness. It’s time be yourself and do things like you do. Let’s wake up!



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