Two days of storyboarding and learning the animation history.To the five pm today I had already felt the dizziness and disorder in my head. Strange enough to be ignorant about the local art and know almost every cartoon of foreign animators. I’m not sure that I will be asked the questions on this art but read up just in a case. The next step will be the questions on my topic (I know I should begin with my topic not animator’s ones).

df10d0e79ddc855a44e0a6527ba40a4bI feel like my wonderful entire focus has been fading away by the long term work and the new information day by day (I did breaks while learning the Western art). It’s just a part of the process, I need to cope with hardship for making it easy. It has already become easy to remember many little necessary things, consider more clear and make links between points. So it is just a process of preparation and I feel really excited about this. I see now so clearly ahead and understand the moment. However, the time consumers like the Internet are hype. I’m too active in getting new information that is why scrolling the feed is the dangerous activity for following the schedule and keeping mind in order.

The streets are full of people in summer outfit. Every year I cannot get at how do they manage to find so beautiful clothes in the shops like that. However, going along the Maxmara I had seen the red dress which was perfect for my walks at Rome. But I am not going to Rome and not going to buy that dress. Though I say myself: why not?


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