Details of Tuesday

The regularly days like this are coloured with little details and inner attempts to keep up with everything.

At the very morning I noticed not local people near by the stadium and at the track. It seemed to me that they are foreign but later I read that the coming athletic competition is national one. It was strange hearing the comments on the doping case and to see the athletes by my own eyes. Someone could shame me as I’ve never been at any athletic competition though our town is famous for its good organisation. And I live near to both central stadiums.

It was nice to hear the children quarreling at the yard (the delights of summer), they actually talked like adults do. The one accused another in regular treating of everyone. It was made with such temperament and self-confident that I could only amaze. But it was more remarkable than. He finished his indictment with the final phrase: I study better than you! The other boy responded with the synchronic phrase which made the first much more expressive. He insisted with words: I am right! You’re not! The other reflected repeating his phrases instantly. (Can you imagine this?!)

-I am right! You’re not!

-I am right! You’re not!

-I am right!! YOU’RE NOT!

Then the first made great and offered to play in silence.

That scene is the great illustration for most of the adult quarrels. People don’t mature by age they just get older. The real adults do not accuse they rather question and try to understand why they feel bad about something (relationship, situation, behaviour etc). Children are a clear mirror of adults’ psychology. They don’t afraid to say that they actually think about the situation and practically push the competitor away of the playground. In the world of adults it looks a bit differently. But don’t you see how fun it is?


6 thoughts on “Details of Tuesday”

    1. So, that time I began to learn English”seriously” and writing posts was a needed practice for me though nobody corrected me. And it really helped me much. I would like to write both but it takes spare time.

      1. I totally agree, it helps a lot. I would say you are a very dedicated person because you’ve done a great work. What I’ve ebserved is that you translate your thoughts into English instead of using English collocations and phrases to sound more like a native speaker. Do you practice speaking?

      2. Thank’s for you compliment. You know this is one of my problem, I mean collocations and phrasal verbs. I know and already have a textbook on this point and I’ll try to use more English English. Yes I practice speaking but not enough, basically with myself. Earlier I did it with the teacher.

      3. I wish everyone had that envy-enducing dedication you have. Honestly, I’ve never been so diligent about my English learning process as you are. Keep up the good work and good luck with your studies!

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