Such light days seem so endless and timeless that I hardly can figure out how could it happen to become six pm. Everything points out on the midday, sun, heat, calmness at the flat.
However, today I managed to begin the self-portrait and prepare the new sheet for the storyboard. During the painting I distracked myself much, I danced with music and tryed to sing (unfamiliar song). There was an utter habitual of process which made me feel bored and a bit recklessness. I took the big brush as the academics do and soon got that I had been painting with the big brush for two years before changing the manner. Yes, it’s clear that the whole situation was too comfortable for being interesting. And the whole decision to deviate from the old track looked reasonable and right again.
The second part of the day was filled with the reviews on the war films and biography of Eisensteine and Mikhalkov. It was such a strange feeling of watching trailers in educational way. However, it was nasty to read political and social accidents with Mikhalkov. How the person can be so greedy and make good films the same time? On the other hand Eisentein seemed me very cultural person of enlightenment. Comparison isn’t suitable.
Mom came early to record the discs. This is why there is nonstop tv films at the drawing room and unnatural sense of weekend. She talked much by cellphone on the subject of taxation and rent for businessmen. While she talked I could see that she was really enjoying explaining laws and orders to her friend. The dream to be a lawyer emerges to show the alternative better mom.


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