In process

Frankly, studying is hard. The sense of time distorts and I perceive it like endless evening with no beginning or end. The knowledge is never enough and after a few hours of close attention I’ve began to deserve drawing and painting. I wanted to move out of the room, to breathe summer air and have all nice things of the season. However, I manage this all good. Topics have many links with each other and unwillingly I repeat or know old things better.

c26b149f328e5f3df25913fb7301b0bdThere was so great pleasure to read about Stalin’s skyscrapers. Immediately I’d wished to go inside and watch from the highest point at the whole city. Architecture is so exciting and imaginative subject. It makes stories look real. After looking through the Senate of Moscow Kremlin I could imagine the presidential routine much much better. And how fun it could be to observe “the big fishes” in daily working life. I can’t bear it from myself that my interest in high privileged sort of people is much bigger than in common people. All their weakness and strength have an effect on huge number of people.

Nonetheless, the day has only began and I have some more challenges for today. It is clear that I need more creative “exercises” as my vision becomes good structured but not flexible by the regular study of history.


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