Long day

From the very beginning this day has been stressful, active and full of things to do. I woke up and went to the drawing room but immediately fell asleep at the sofa. As you can imagine I had caught a last-minute of anylises at the hospital. I’d gone there a quarter to nine and has only chance to be in time with their schedule. The receiptionist quickly send me there and asked to come back afterwards. It was a good idea and I managed to do that all to nine hours. That was so happily sunny and calm. There was a spirit of summer changes.
Mom was a bit scattered scanning my application. Nonetheless I was focused and calm enough to go directly at the destination. I went to the local uni for making the back-up plan real. The acceptance of documents went on at the gym. Those were the bunch of tables with people young and middle aged with laptops, heaps of folders with the inscriptions made with highlighters. There were poorly designed prospectous, lots of blue pens (which I totally don’t use) and some announcements. The walls (I mean that sort of panel which hides the radiaotors) were hung up the names of departments and basic data. At the back table I could observe some water (vitally important today), cups, bags and personal things. That was students who basically took the documents.
The people who stood ahead me were generally little school girls from the province (of province, yes) with moms and accurate folders in hands. One girl couldn’t weigh the pros and the cons of two clear options. Her score was mediocre and no ability to pay for education.
The girl who worked with me was adequate and spoke quietly with me. The plump woman beside her said she worked at the art college but she didn’t remember me. But I remembered her and the boring, degrading way of reading the lectures aloud. She put the standings by the presence of summaries at the notebook. And she was no more than the new half-year long teacher. Well, presently she is working at the university. Can you imagine this? I sadly can. I took the paper and got information. The safety had been quaranteed though this was absolutely not educational and not challenging. You know I would like to get backup at the top uni. It’s a long story.
A few days ago I found out the notes of the days before and during the exams at the college. And the most striking thing was the presence of doubt. I was thinking what to choose narrative or visual arts. I was absolutely sure that it cannot be combined. Fine, but the way is discovered in four and half years. This is the lesson: don’t throw back your desires but look for the solution to realise it.
Then I went to the hospital again for making the rest of the things. That was basically fun because there is no medicine in making the certifitate. I made the impression of silly gigling girl because the absurdity and theatrical made me laugh. That was fun for everyone when at the ENT examination I didn’t hear the request to change ears. At the vaccination the woman listened the pop music by the local radio. The organisator was polite enough and talked with me about the new doors and windows and helped me to finish the process today. The last step was the longest one. We were waiting at the common queue while most of the medical workers left their offices. I observed all the people. There were a singer of the choar, female young worker of the little production, two bold “cool” boys who tryed to jump the queue, the woman in pink vulgar dress with white cellphone. The therapist was calm and said me the same things as the last year. That all seemed me like a big repeat. I got the main signiture the same way at the same corner office at the third floor.
The way home I was eating the chocolate ice-cream as you know making the reference is the stressful thing but this time I managed it for one take.
At the evening me and mom went to the shoe stores and choose one with low heels. Actually I like heels and feel comfortable in average ones.


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