Application day.

So, the first day at Moscow is over. I’m sitting at the bed on the second level while nobody’s here. It turned out that those two sisters have stayed here for now, but the other woman is new. She seemed to me a bit shrewish. I moved out her things from “my” shelves and her response was more emotional than it worths. No matter.
This all started at the bus where I craved to get at the place. There were usual people though not so many workers but women. I found the double seat far away from the TV. I looked out the window and listened BBC radio. The colourful landscapes of forests, ravine and fields passed rapidly. Some country people rode on bike at the background of sunset. There was a silence and calm.
The whole night I slept. Sometimes I woke up to change the pose but basically I’d been sleeping until five a.m. Moscow was brightly sunny when I opened the sleep mask. Shops, people, buildings. But beside the train station I pleasantly recongnised the Stalin scysraper and famous Kazan train station. I looked at the building with different more curious eyes.
Without any surprise there was a cram at the subway though it’d been six o’clock. I felt greatly fresh and ready to shine. Beside the hostel I spend some time at the little park. The receptionist greeted me agreeably and I could change the clothes, make up etc.
The district of the center is terribly dug up, people go at the bypass ways while dust and endless noise of machines. Of course the fence is filled with positive phrases but it is suprisingly hard to find the proper way everytime.
The hardest part of the day concerns the institute. It was hard to carry the portfolio on through the city full of people and constructions. The last year there were crowds of people at the entrance and at the corridors. But today that was a half empty building. Quietly and reasonably I got the pictures at one of the workshops and waited for some words. To say about my inner condition, it was absolutely calm and a bit indifferent. Maybe because of the repeat I take it all easily and know perfectly that I’ll manage this time anyway. I don’t know, but I am so emotionally empty. There is no place for anxiety or fear. I orginised the pieces good, cleared the place and was ready. The teachers looked at my pictures and said that I’m compatitive despite not absolutely proper composition. I did it by the teacher’s words and found out that my own vision was nearer to the right. The woman offered me to go to the costume faculty as compositions have the needed approach and observations of different people. Nice. Actually I did that all by willpower. I filled in the form, got my pass, took the pictures at the bag and placidly went down. During the whole process it had been raining outside and then it was wet and nice. But carrying the bag was challening as usual.
The rest of the day I spend wondering around the center. I felt do tired that mistakenly went to the wrong station and got it only at the place. It was enjoyabe to visit the bookstore and listen the talkish consultant, young girls. The center was greatly decorated and some ice-cream fair went on but I was closed to pleasure of the moment. There was a very polite worker at the connection service, educated consultant at the foreign literature’s bookstore. Something’s changed, something the same. I don’t matter and don’t want to mimicry. I just happy to be myself.


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