Monday, the second tour.

So, it is a very productive and kind of happy Monday.
I’d been sleeping well the whole night (thanks earplugs) and woke up at time. The workout was good but not exellent, I run only two kilometers on the near streets and looked at the American embassy once again. People were sleeping that time and roads were remarkably empty.

Undoubtedly, it was physically hard to carry the art stuff and two canvas with the palette. At my station the sky was noticably big and opened, trees smelled like, you know, trees, real things. I entered the entrance hall at nine and had to wait until nine fourty. The girls talked about different points of the entrance process. I heard them and recieved that my own attitude is in the course of work. I thought clearly that this is the study time and as usual I would paint the still life and everything after. And this really helps me to focus on the work itself.
We got at the fourth floor late and had no surprise by not ready for work easels. The still life was set beautifully. At the first glumpse it seemed absolutely green and yellow but deep in the process I found out that it had more pink and blue tunes than it seemed. I was absorbed with the painting and didn’t feel tired as it was at the composition. Immediately it became much easier to breath and smile thought the Master didn’t come to me personally and didn’t marked me. As usual many ideas came to my mind and enlighted that time. However, to the end of time I’d felt some tiredsome and hungriness. “Not new struggle” – thought I and continued.
After packing and washing, I met Nastya Ch. by the notice board where she was amazing some people’s marks. I washed hands at the Photography’s floor and went to the canteen. It is the big enough room, with stucco moulding and chandelier. A few rows of tables where more or less interesting people sitted, refreshments at one corner and meal at the other. I took something with meat and payed not so little as it should be at the student canteen. It was basically nice to be inside such creative area.
It was sun and fresh at the center, I happily went to the library to learn history. But sometimes I should remember again that not libraries, not museums work at Mondays. Yes, I went down the beautiful cheerful street instead of study. The construction at the New Arbat is almost done and we can see the empty field of concrete.
So, I am to study some more topics for the interview which I want to pass fun and great the same time.


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