In spite of so active learning morning which I spend at the half empty library this day is boring.
I went out the hostel in the other suit and felt beautiful. Compliments by workers and political news at the radio. The town flew away out of the window and I regretted that there was so little English in my life then. Moscow time as any time without normality force me to leave English things undone and this is why I feel a bit not fulfilled. It’s like something wrong, something out of control. Moreover, it takes me the sense of stillness. Evidently, I need projects to do, knowledge to get, skills to develop and basically framed life.
I remember that Masha said about people who lose themselves at Moscow. I can imagine how they manage it. You just feel a bit tired by the numerous quantity of everything around. The endless fair begins to irritate fastly and you want to wrap youself at the comfort zone of books and films. I sit at the bookstore quite often. Today I was reading my non-fiction there.
Nonetheless, I noticed that Moscow people actively read and buy books and I want to do this too. Actually, I bought the book “The sweetest dream” By D.Lessing when I got the news about my mark for the first tour. That day I found out the new bookstore which seemed me a bit cheaper but still full of anything you like. At this street today I went to the bookstore of the Higher school of economic where the bags and t-shirts sold as good as notebooks and books on international exams. What a pity to be logical not buying their goods.
It is the painting exam tomorrow and I’m going to sleep.


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