The last day of painting

I could complain about almost everything at the institute. To begin with the discipline of the models and finish the attitude to human beings of the teachers. It was psychologically hard to overcome. The dullness of models in combination with the basic limitation of the applicants plus neglectful approach of the painting teacher (I amaze how he managed to become a manager). The way there I had already suffered from the talk with Nastya. She unsuitably asked me questions like “What does it all mean if I reckon photography the better way to convey images?” It was like talking with the utter old-fashioned person who doesn’t have Instagram account and has no idea about modern shifts in visual media. Almost all talks were dull.
Let me explain why. The so called creative people often have their own view on everything but they have no scintific tools for judging about this everything adequately, they use clever phrases to support their simple ideas. To my opinion, the first sign of a silly person is the utter self-confident in their position. Clever people doubt and opened to the new information and ideas. That people are fun but increadebly limited in their view. Moscow is like Cheboksary. The map of interests and vision is Moscow plus suburbs, like Cheboksary. There was no difference in speech, approach and understanding. Life which has place only here and now even with all pathetic words about human mortality. That all looked and sounded like a pose of domestic local people.
I shriveled everytime the boy quoted Soviet films which I could not recognise as you may imagine. But I remembered and was excited my the production design of “101 dolmatins” and Sherlock’s last series. And actually I had had the perfect morning after the vebinar. There was enough time for writing and making up my mind, there were a little people at the kitchen, enough coffee and sweets as well as cold shower and workout. I listened the political programm at BBC en route and felt like a completed person. That was clear magic of shining morning, green trees and British news. There was something in the air.


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