Though this week is my little vacation today I went to work instead of mom – she was invited to the countryside to enjoy summertime.

Since I came from Moscow, it has become strange for me to be a part of the family. I have to talk while I need to do exercises or think up the daily plan. Time transforms into short pauses between connections or distractions.  Also I feel both irritation and pleasure to be asked about my days as well as to wait for mom to watch some film (yesterday “The reader” S.Daldry 2008). Such  little drawbacks of home life.

But today I had to work again and without any idea or desire to know what it was like all previous times. It is easy to forget that the world actually is full of unintelligent “adults”. Their world is like a hole in the ground with comfortably narrow point of view on the outer world of technological and social movements. That is always a shame to teach mid-aged person to close the clap of the camera or to ask two boys of twenty to look photo up at the file manager and got that they’d never heard such phrase – file manager. Twice or more I tried to explain to a woman that there is no properly black and white photos in the world and when you photo old ones its will definitely get another tint. And I got some data about her excellent degree and background in childhood education. There was no surprise in her silly behaviour but in my nervous condition which I tryed to relieve.

Moreover, I found out that it is hard for me now to be polite as a service stuff and endure neglectful attitude of strangers. I do really afraid of this business as it doesn’t seem to prosper in advance and the main clients are people out of Facebook era.

I looked after printers and tried to sort out my Evernote the same time. That all was boring as usual. At the way home my mind was full of radio pop-music and terrible amateur photos. I do not condemn people who cannot compose a picture or plan purchases but I feel that I need different.


2 thoughts on “Saturday”

    1. Oh no) I’m sure you manage it better than majority. Basically they have problems with composition, as technical issues are clearly for advanced level there’s no need to touch it.)

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