Calm Saturday

I certainly need a habit of everyday writing, another way my head is full of thought and nights are full of long contemplation.

But what’s actually going on? I worked two days and yesterday I studied grammar four hours because of some strange slowness. I have almost done a few collages for texture and almost read Social studies’ textbook. The last is really interesting despite evident ideas or outdated information. While a trolley-bus conveyed me home I was reading it a bit like in metro – without any attention to surroundings. The other book I read currently is D.Lessing’s “The sweetest dream” and I’m at the very beginning but have already had an idea of her writing style. It seems the same time profound deep analyses and easy to read.

The other thing is yesterday news. I do often forgive about the factual undercover reality of everything’s imperfection. The analitics talked about people who work illegally for keeping their profits out of goverment which doesn’t spend it in a proper way. And yes, I’m a person who need a reminder to remember such things. My enviroment is full of Western culture and young freshmen. I count that quickly and got that out of every copy we do (4R) it is taxed 1,44R. In bigger sums it becomes really huge.

On the contrary such ideas, I percieve poetry of slow time and colourful light. I had a dream today, something with metro open air station and then me and dad at the ship. I ate some potatos while he was speaking something. Water shone in cerelium blue while sky was orange.

I remember V.Woolf’s diaries with it’s capacity for almost everything – relationships, process of work, observations, books and articles, for some reason my notes are one-sided.

I found out myself interested in another new area which is publishing of books, magazines and news, blogging (I mean real pro, not mine) and the phenomenon of public opinion. I really like design of paper books, paper edition of magazines and their sites (what has to be improved for mental health). Being at Moscow the previous month I wanted to print out Greek drama at my own book with real book binding. But now I afraid to not to manage it.

Yes, the brain is much easier now.

6 064.JPG


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