Yesterday’s plunge into the suburbs

So, here we are. The teapot is boiling at the dressing room while I’m here look at the unconstructed mirror. The next door neighbour went away and I can listen to music without being heard.
Let’s begin with yesterday. At the late morning I went out for a run at the nearby park. That was a sunny place full of positive green light. The round shadows led on the plain lawn and curving paths. The way led by the little local river at the forest. Perfect place for run: earthy paths and natural environment. I was careful near the dogs and curious by another unknown way.
At the hostel there was a quiz which I haven’t still unraveled. It is the setting the Wi Fi hotspot which is for some reason disable. I spend hours banging my head against the wall without any result. I did tiny stuff like installing proper apps and regulating my money transfers. Then I explored the IKEA site for needed goods. The site itself was user-friendly and there was not any problem to find something.
The same time I tried to orginise walk with Nastya, she texted me the day before and we had agreed to meet. After I got data about the shortest way and possible cafes for sitting she called me to say she didn’t manage to have time for going out. She said she was to the train without time off. Of course, I wasn’t happy about that and even was not pretending to be. I felt like I forgot another new time to get plan B. But I made it up quickly.

I decided to go to IKEA for a purchase. After all the stir I was wondering how could I expect the distances hometown like and how did I manage to be so brave to undertake it.
The first minibus was late and I went to the next bus stop to save some time. But at that moment mom called me and while I couldn’t check the direction my minibus drove past me. The next one passed so quickly that I had to run to take it. That could be the last challenge but no. We were riding to the strange end station with the different title. I asked the driver but he said it was that.
In some shock I found myself at the railway station with one ticket service and a few electronic terminals. After roaming around and looking at the announcements with schedule and prices I paid with trembling hand for one ticket to Khimki. The controler was lying at the stool and rudely commanded me to check my ticket at the gates. Have you ever felt so unconfident, had so much inner doubts how I had while going in the electric train with other passangers. I was sitting in great anxiety like a little naive girl with my light fabric bag and the small notebook with the one page instruction. The poor musian played some melody like a soundtrack for a little trip to Moscow suburbs. The typical buildings were fading away replaced with garages and constructions.
However, common people live there, at the periphery of the big city. How shame it must be! It is like being an outsider. I ought feel like they may if our republic be a suburbs of Kazan. It’s clearly terrible to not to be a part of the centre of something.
The train stopped at the clear town with cuddly park by the lake. And I again was wondering to and fro in search of the proper bus stop. Some girls specified the direction and I found it out fast enough. Everything there was a bit provincial. Messy banners, small shops. But at the same time there are the big new houses with I presume good flats for people. The way through the town was the longest part of the trip. It stopped by the big market with lots of shops and food court. Everything at one place.
I’d never been at IKEA before and that was strange for me to find some locals speaking on phone and sitting at the exhibitional chair or friends talking to each other at one bed. That was basically fun to sit at the English chair myself and to touch all thing at the bathroom. In spite of crowdy area I wasn’t in rush. I couldn’t allow myself so waste time reflecting by the curtains and wardrobes though they all were nice. I did regret that my mom wasn’t with me as she would enjoy such purchase. I had many doubts about a bedspread but then I took it. My first mat is from there too and it is a little blue one. There was a long talk with mom about the lost umberella and a proper type af lamp. I did enjoy describing things and talking to someone. To the cash I had been tired and worried about the way back.
The trick was that I hadn’t enough cash for buying tickets on transport and I had to find ATM. While doing that I ate the terrible new spicy roll at McDonalds and had a little burst of chill into my head. I had a ticking panic inside my mind as it was late, I hadn’t cash and couldn’t find ATM. But of course there was the information service which really helped me. At the bus stop (I afraid to sit at the wrong bus too) there hung a scheme of transport’s ways which made everything clear.
People were almost like at the hometown, same family talks and youngsters’ calls to friends at Moscow. I went down at the railway station which had then been terrible. There were dark nooks and unfriendly light of the ticket service. The platform itself stayed at the darkness. The light panel shown the wrong data. The train hadn’t came in time, not earlier, not later but at the middle of two appointments. Even being inside the old carriage I was worrying about the right train and the right way. But that was right. I got off the train at Ostankino – one woman asked another is it already Leningradskay.
The station was empty and dark. Yes, empty dark station with one young girl with a bag of purchases. There were no transport, no signs. In panic I crossed the road and turned on the map. Yes, I was wrong, the way back should led before the Leningradkaya. The moment after I bursted out with anger to my own inaccuracy a minibus rode to the station. That was mine minibus. In panic to not to take it I run. With two bags and the cellphone in hand I was running while immediately I fell down. Yes, my shoelaces do they job when it’s mostly unexpected. I went in cursing the boots and rubbing the knees which hurt. Fast enough I came to the hostel and found out that my elbow was bleeding, my cellphone got the scratch and the box for eyelenses broke on two parts. Yes, hasty climbers have sudden falls.
The rest of the evening I couldn’t relax and opened all purchases. The lamp and bedspread as well as the watches and the pad made the room more intimate. Nonetheless, I couldn’t sleep as lots of thoughts run through my mind like a dirty electric train. I had a dream about the process against me. Allegandly I am a spy or kind of national traitor who did something illegible. But at the morning I had another run to the woodland and shoke this out.
There are so many things to say, to describe, to reflect on and just to observe but I have to move so fast and so much tiresome things. I don’t complain about the harsh routine, I know this time will finish and everything will be set good for life and study. I want to be absolutely ready for the first day. I’m  to set Wi Fi spot for myself (goush how expensive it actually is!), go to IKEA for little important things which are going to orginise my space. I’ve already managed to generally clean up the room and the common place with the great help of my mom. That would be terribly harsh if I hadn’t so much impressions to remember – the day of my settling. While rubbing the window or scrubbing the bath thousands of extracts and faces run though my mind and cleaned up as well as the space.
Today was the second time I went to Aushan to purchase. Amazing but I really liked this shop – there are videos about ecology on the screens and prices are quite like at the hometown.
Another miracle of this day is the park beside the hostel. It is a park with the big aqueduct trough the river Yauza. I could make a video here and it would be different and absolutely beautiful.
Now I’m to read a bit and sleep. I’ll write it in detail at thirties.


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