The day before the freshmen day

This day was a strange and common one. I woke up early enough but was slow and sluggish. This is why when I directed to the park it began showering. Such a shame to go forward and back in front of the EMERCOM students. I did some exercises, made the plate of muesli with coffee which I ate at the working table. Then it were hours of research for buying a laptop.
At the midday I put things in the bag, did make-up and wore the autumn jacket with the collar. Everything was like I live in my own flat. During the way to the underground I texted to Nastya who had just arrived and couldn’t find the hostel. I felt some triumph of early preparation and awareness. I could imagine how she would manage with  the terrible living conditions at study time.
The weather was windy but with sunshine from time to time. People wore jackets as I did. Summer officially had ended the moment I hung up the collar.
Sasha was waiting for me at the station. We embraced as we both were happy to see each other. I talked much and with lots of emotions about previous days while we were looking for a drug store. Then we went to the cafe where white collars drunk coffee and tea. I liked the place a lot while she couldn’t make out why the common coffee shop was so pathetic. We took rolls and tea which seemed me worthless. The news she had was about the new internship at St.Petersbourg which she won. Another news was that she got a boyfriend from the school and he was going to SPb too but for a job. Life’s going on.
Basically she was slow and ill. There were a few long pauses between talks which we couldn’t avoid though I tried. We raised at the viewpoint at the trade center and observed the center. The meet was nice, friendly, light and hopeful but at the exit she excuses herself and rode away for recovering. I left alone at the beautiful day at the city center.
Touristic zone were quite touristic, good decorated and full of entertainments. The Alexander’s garden became clear and regular. But I didn’t know what to do. The trade center was so crowdy that there is no surprise in my confusion first time. I went to look at the laptops at the Trubnaya. One time the indicator went out a bit and the alarm went off. The way back I bought the covers for the notebooks and scissors.
However, my mind became more clear because of the walk. I saw that there is little time and absolutely no time for bad emotions. I want to do things not to be sad about them.
At the lift I called to Nastya to ask about her progress and found out that she had already been here. I raised to her room and saw the surprising picture. Everything was ok. She had not to clean up, remove stuff, buy everything. They have the microwave oven, slow cooker, refrigerator and the general reconstruction. New doors and floors as well as clear new bathroom. There is more area for living in comfort. I sat in some shock and not understanding how this all works. She was so light and merry about her replacement which I could not compassion. There is an evident random injustice which makes the social picture of residents not so happy, it creates gaps between the floors. I have already feel that I don’t like people in budget. Democracy in my mind can’t get it.
BUT. It is not what I should think about. It is easy to forget the main purpose and I must remember the aim of this all.


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