The freshmen day

It is just cramming. My mind is full of thoughts and images. It’s headache.
I woke up early and the whole morning spent choosing a proper laptop. Of course I run at the park and could observe parents and children with flowers going to the school. How romantic!
However, I hadn’t any sense of romance while I was doing make-up and deciding how to wear into warm clothes and be celebrating the same time. The way to the institute people of hostel went together but I turned at the corner and was wrong doing that. I felt terrible being a bit late and personally closed. From the very beginning I hadn’t felt any happiness. The grey side of routine life and bad injustice organisation blew my inspiration away. The entrance was expectedly crammed. People couldn’t pass through the security. I met my course mates who hadn’t the receipt as me. We had to wait and endure. But then they let us in. The new building was full of beautiful people. Because of the trouble at the entrance we were late and came in the dark hall without any lightning. However, I sat at the center separately from the mates. At the big screen it was going on the video about the ¬†institute’s splendour. That was pathetic as all national ceremonial stuff. Then the light went on and I could see a row of teachers. A few of them are really respectful professionals. There were Vladimir Menshov, Aleksey Uchitel, Khotinenko and some producers. Menshov looked like to my opinion the professional should look like. Stylish and without odd decoration. The other directors and producers looked modern the same way. They told interesting things which really touched my heart. Menshov appealed to connect between departments, get sink our teeth into all aspects of cinematography. The others said we should have a healthy complex of the winner and strive for victory not for something for something. However, it could be heard usual request for good discipline and the harsh spittle by the old lady who said that it’s not wat we should think about, we should focus on creating and studying process as time only goes on and never comes. She’s right. The art department was presented by the cartoonist who is old and unplesant for me. No glamour. Of course as an artist he couldn’t speak well. At the finish it was some Italian aria which all people were listening to standing. And that was really odd I even couldn’t make out what’s it all about. Alike the latin speeches at public schools in England.
Nobody said were the artist should go to. And it didn’t amaze me. We went to our floor. And the gathering begun. When I saw the blue student cards I had some grain of joy inside. Then it went only worse. It turned out that this month we have plein air and have to do ten pictures to the end of the month. Plus to them there are sketches and studies. I listened that with a sense of panic and great reluctance. I haven’t carried the easel or painting case. Afterward they gave the cards to the students. I was waiting with little pleause as I had already bought the cover and had it in my bag. But quickly the cards faded away and no one left for the commerial students. Such an upset.
It wasn’t a great finish it was only a start. We had to rise at the nineth floor of the new building for anotomy lesson. There were empty grey walls and nothing at all but tables. The women (she studied there) descibed us the yearly plan which includes weekly sketches, anatomical drawings, two copies with tracing papers and imaged drawing of body. I was sitting there so sad and closed and looked at the clouds out of the window without any idea how will I manage to do those all. Mistake of the department. After the preface she begun the lecture about general ideas in anatomy. That was boring and I was totally sad about such study.
I’d got hungry and tired but should go to the next lesson. We were sitting at the auditorium an hour waiting for a teacher. I was wondering where is that capable outgoing girl who made friends all that time so easily but then were sitting and could hardly utter a word? I tried to digest the new data with all stuff I had to do else. We arrange to celebrate two birthdays and the beginning at Sunday at the hostel.
The way home I called mom in panic about my artist’s equipment and laptop. She was actually in active search of proper one. Then after the desired lunch I called Helga. My easel’s problem resolved easily. Thank you.
I should change my general mindset, forget about all routine hardships and just love this time, this institute and people.


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