Some small things can heal any pain. For me those were the short talk with Helga at the railway station, taking photos at my favorite district and visit to the best bookstore.
Helga looked great in pink sweater and leather jacket. Her baggage was the only one little red suitcase and the artist case for me. We went up the station to sit and talk. I described her reasons of my saddness. As I naturally felt hardship breathing. She told that it’s basically OK to feel embarrassed the first days but I couldn’t agree with it. However, I could complain a bit and speak out frankly that I see a gap between my vision of study and current events. Though I can amend it with active involvement into all aspects of institute’s study life. But then I was totally upset and reluctant to do any kind of creativity at all. My only relieve was that amiable conversation. She said I’m lucky as I’m in Moscow, as we have the swimming pool and hostel at the same district as institute, as there are many inspiring people on other departments and I actually can connect with them. She said she begun write for one competition and she thought I could it too. But I was afraid that no. Frankly, I have got much time for creativity and now I can realise it.


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