It’s a late morning of grey Sunday. Outdoor it still is freezing. I run a bit less than usual, it’s too cold to challenge myself.

I catch myself on the desires to write stories, read a book“>Hitchkock\Truffout and film something. The other desire is of course the systematic learning of English with a teacher. But on the other hand I actually have my study which include plein air and sketching for the interiors. It’s complicated, yes. Some would kill for this kind of study with lots of drawing and watching. But I motivate myself the other way.  Actually it would be brilliant to savvy the production design and be able to set it great in future. However, I clearly know that I shouldn’t run after two hares and focus on my real study. I certainly must wake up and do the needed. And I need a plan for amending this all, I just can’t live such life for long time. I’m not as good as I could be because of this contradiction.



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