Tuesday. Cinema and PD

So, here we are. It’s late for me – ten hours but I know I need to write.

I hardly got up to go to the films’ watching lesson. There was a mist above the forest afar and it basically looked too gloomy for being the same cheerful. I listened some joyful music from “Morning glory” during the way through the wet streets. And it helped. Sometimes it seems to me that I look too confident to seem outgoing person. This day was such. After yesterday’s and today’s exercises on back I felt straight and ready to do anything. This is why in the black cold hall that was hard to stay moveless and watching the black and white Soviet films. The moment of the clearest mind and great desire to make things happen was us usual at morning. I’d like the better organised schedule (so all the students want in own way).

We’re watching the first Soviet films which were half boring half curious. Basically I was pondering about my plans for future, some inner desires and yearnings. Sometimes I even lost the plot of silent films and once I went out to clear my mind (as we know the brain needs breaks to load the new information in order). However, at the end all I could focus on was the choice of dish at the canteen.

With the second cup of tea I was ascending in the lift to the fourth floor. There was the schedule for actors which made me feel more free. They have daily lessons since nine at the morning and end at eight at the evening. Every day but Sunday.

The art department stayed in darkness for cinematographers make their studies. At the PD’s room my course mates were sitting and chatting about something. Soon I was oppressed by the common level of the talk (generally these were boys who talked). That had many vulgar, loud statements, emotional underdevelopment and simple stupidity. Such moments I feel like a very intelligent snob who doesn’t struggle against plebeians’ idiocy.

Then after some terrible waste of time our master came in. He was in the black beret with leather ochre bag. Everything suddenly had changed. His approach, advice and emotional credit made me respect him. We figured out every important detail of the task and made it as clear as possible. For all of us he suggested lots of films to watch and books to read as well as the theatre library for future. He remembered my name and talked with us as we are already the professionals, not students. After the consultation I confidently went down to the art library to order the books. It’s some rule of my life: do your projects and feel happy.

The lecture went good (art historians are very intelligent there), we watched some films and laughed much. Then she asked us about our impressions about the development of films that period. Yep. The time to feel stupid and rebuke myself for not attentive watching. Though I spoke something as easy as I got a voice. It would be very good to write summary posts here.

The way to the hostel I was tired but talkish and opened (yes, I reproached the cartoons for the gap between the reality). And now I have many things to do though I don’t know how to manage.


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