I’m terribly hyped because of some little things. It’s fashion blogs and particularly the story of ManRepeller . I suddenly got so much strengh and desire to study everything about cinema including dark sides like distribution and producing. Suddenly it became so little for me to study only one side of the big world of movie and so necessary to study the whole process. Just like an insane person. But I was reasonably sitting in front of the canvas with the image of the grey street. Silly, isn’t it? I do my work, not so properly but I do it.

Yesterday I was wondering at the center making photos for the plein air. Going along the shop window with the advertisment’s placard with the high level of visual culture I unwillingly caught the idea that it’s an old-fashioned way for learning visial arts – traditional plein air. It all became much more quickly and efficiently nowadays.

Someone would say: yep, we’ve got it. You’re fed up with the academic traditional painting. Please, stop telling us this.

Nonetheless, I’m too excited to focus on the real work and study. There so much desires to run the film, to cooperate with people, to produce something, to lead the blog, to write notes, to make photos, to talk to foreigners, to have a business to worry about.And the same time I know how the actual study depresses me. It seems to me so small and unsatisfactory to demands. But think twice, either I satisfy their demands to make the certain amount of pictures? I presume, no.

But there is one subject I passionately love in the study. It is production design. Of course, I feel a bit ashame when the master avoids the literature’s extracts at the text but this is the powerful tool for moviemaking anyway.

Let’s dive in.



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