Jumps down and up

This day was the outstandingly emotional one.

Since the very night of yesterday I had been in a great anxiety about my sketches and their scarce. I went to sleep late and as it could be foreseen I woke up late too. That was a decision to skip the lesson – cinema watching and make some more sketches. But the script didn’t consider the emotional side. I was shattered inside and could cry any moment of weakness. The yesterday’s pictures and ideas of production design struck me deeply with the sense of mistake.

I felt lonely because of my disagreement with the dirty work of painters and the basic boredom of pre-production. Additionally I had no sketches to show and got a terrible sense of self-deprecation. I could hardly agree to wear the dirty clothes and take the gas burner to make a special texture at the wall. There were so much questions about production in general and in detail but its basically were not about design but script writing, cinematography, editing, managment, financial side and the hiring and collaboration of people.

Today I went there really late to the time we agreed. However, there was nobody of us. Just imagine me at the grey big corridor of the studio, where people can be in any costume and have very different works. Immediately our master appeared and asked me why didn’t I come in. The same moment the rest of the group entered and we all was led into the studio.

To say it was magical, it’s to say nothing. I just couldn’t imagine that it’s real. The long, wearsome process of shooting was going on. The director ordered with the loudspeaker in short and demanding way to do things faster or stand the other way, to turn on the other side or to take the other thing. Just a production, frame by frame. In the green tent they were sitting in front of the editing screen and considered what to do in order to get the great harmonious frames. The storyboard at the wall and drafty cut at the Macbook. Is there any surprise that I didn’t want to leave the tent? I smile and understand that it is obvious.

How to get into the green tent as a real one? – the main question I brought out there.

That was all literature around. Different people at the so called magnificent job with typical routine and alive demands. A child, old man and woman, troops. As for me the shooting livened me up immediately and charms are still inside me.


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