Last day of sickness

It’s ginger plus chrome colour. I’m in the white jacket which is to be washed two weeks ago was carrying the box of milk across the road. The duty doctor didn’t believe my caught – I really did it badly, and closed my sick list. No regrets as I didn’t reckon on any sick list at all (maybe for one day, not three). But why it is so sad to go back to study?

It is a question which made me so sad and abstract yesterday. I woke up with the clearest questions “What I will paint for? Who I try to deceive? Myself? Certainly not.” Some relaxations with the films and painting uncovered some nature of me that was so busy to be noticed. I did a test for profession and got this. It isn’t a proof for something but I personally got that the way of the film decorator doesn’t suit me entirely. Then it ensued hours in front of the different web pages with options, options and options. If my mom could see me she wasn’t happy with it. But to the end of the day my mind became more clear and I just got the idea of doing things. I need to realize my ideas, stay creative, stimulate intellectual work and keep up with majors and minors.

The other thing which came to me during last few months is that we always postpone the things which are most important for us. I stopped this and begun to read Hitchcock\Truffout, watched Nancy Meyers films, posted at the blog and downloaded another app for sat. I don’t work hard and I could have enough time for everything important. And I certainly must do proper research for future opportunities. There is no autopilot but me.



3 thoughts on “Last day of sickness”

  1. How come I never knew you were on Twitter?
    I wanted to ask you what you liked in your studies and what not. I mean, the subjects, the atmosphere, the people – well, a kind of a list “advantages and disadvantages.”

    1. I’ll try to be short.
      Advantages: swimming pool, close distance between the institute and the hostel, master is a real working production designer, workshops from international professionals,
      Disadvantages: disorganisation, messy workshops, need for drawing all the time, little amount of useful subjects, show of badly done films (instead of lecture), scare for practice and need for painting academically.
      P.S I don’t write on Twitter now.

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