Shift the wind

Somebody likes frivolous girls who change their mind day by day and find the routine daily life boring and hard. Too serious to stay serious. Saving is the gloomy condition of frown eyebrows and accurate accounting nonetheless it cannot save such girls from buying the expensive headphones for five minutes. It cannot restrain from dancing at the cheap market as well as playing with dumbbells at the sport shop. Earnestness has no ability to last endlessly. One moment it just has gone away to make freedom and creativity demand their place.

So the vague idea about world of Shakespeare, Marlow, Wilde and politics does for me. The air of island with old buildings and customs, classic literature, strong film industry allow me to remember the reasons. Reasons are the certain plays and films which struck me deeply one day. Despite all my awareness about concrete possibilities I do love this culture (distantly) more than other Western. I forgot it. We are irrational despite lots of attempts to be reasonable.

The way I went here is drama, the purpose of the way is drama too. My instinct interest are the threads to this. It still drives me crazy like a child with a desired toy. Does it clean everything up? At least it enlighten the big purposes and patterns and certainly it make me dream again. Yep, when I’m a great dreamer, I am a great dealer.

“An education” 2008,  Carey Mulligan

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