Fresh mind

It’s calm Saturday morning which doesn’t locate at the swimming pool but here, at my room where the cup of coffee and orange muffin are for breakfast. There are also many sheets of paper with various notes on life organisation, to begin with the books I am currently reading to end with the mind map of ways and options to move on.

So I put myself together. Yesterday it was a great research on educational programs and courses but I had tired only to the very evening when it became hard to focus on the pro book and I switched on the 18 minutes by Peter Bregman. Some mind polishing.

However, the last days I hadn’t been so decisive and concentrated. After the hard talk with mom during which I found out myself crying I had been pressed down with all aspects of reality. Nobody can presume how emotionally unstable I can be. So those were silent tears in front of the easel and anger by the weak teachers. The greatest need to talk to someone about all pros and cons without the public tolerance. I had shower and early sleep with a small hopeful thought: But I still can achieve my dream.


Without lots of hesitation I begun (or continued) my research. I still need to get exact information and exact deadlines but I am not to reflect upon the present situation no more. Let’s move on! I have already booked the trial lesson of English and renewed the cosmetic (which is so critical!) and eye lenses. To improve my fitness I made the accurate choices of goods yesterday (no milk chocolate without any chocolate), and I need the dumb-bells and swimming goggles else. Tomorrow I’m going to the exhibition, bookstore and cinema theatre. It’ll be a nice Sunday I certainly needed all this time!


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